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Top five tips when manning the grill As always choosing the product will be the most important factor. My philosophy- the more effort you put into growing, hunting, finding, sourcing you food the better it will taste and be for you. So for the perfect steak you might want to start a small hold farm! […]

in Manhattan New York City offers every drink anyone could ever want. Finding it is the challenge. Or is it choosing from ever evolving options? Classy cocktails, creative concoctions, perfect classics, age-old thirst quenchers and over indulgence cures. Pegu Club On the south side of Houston a disorientated Italian tourist inquires. “Soho?” A nod, you […]

Been on charter for over a month now, everything sucks and everyone is on edge. My fridges are empty, so is my enthusiasm gauge. Even though the end is so close it doesn’t seem to matter, does this mean it is time to go snowboarding? There is something about boats that gets to a lot […]

Snow melts into an explosion of lush greens. Work is done. Over the grill two chalet chefs causally tend to spring creations. A BBQ to say goodbye. The season is done, new friends are full of emotion from the looming goodbyes. Red peppers blister, charred black skins begin to flake, a mish mash of winter […]

A 175 foot white hotel glides into Singer Island. Miami beach flickers through the portholes. Lines are secured. Hustle all over, the guests are due to arrive any moment. Each high-powered engine’s squeal brings epaulette-clad antipodeans to attention. Every surface is gleaming, the stainless handrails beg for a single fingerprint. A dozen crew standby. The […]

The table recoils, faces slump. The eager anticipation for the best part of the day is crushed. Embarrassed I slink away. A steaming pot of orangey brown soup flecked with green looks like the faces surrounding it. The scorched earth of Athens and a rainy day washes the colour of my creation into the Med. […]

The sauce that everyone loves. Fat + more fat = the taste everyone is built to love. It is very simple to make so if you buy it or every have bought it make it next time and maybe foodies will forgive you for your sins. I go about it the hard way, using a […]

Second only to ego – Enthusiasm, inspiration, whatever you call it the more into it you are the better it is….. Head to the bottom of the fridge and pull out all the rotten stuff. Throw away the real rotten stuff. Stare at semi rotten stuff until some vague idea pops into head. Start cooking […]

Loupe de Mer en croute du pomme de terre –Fish with potato crust “This fish tastes better than candy.” Coming from a six year old, I took that as quite a compliment. I grated the potato and squeezed out as much liquid as I could using cheesecloth. Add plenty of salt and olive oil. It […]

Stuff cavity with some thyme, garlic, lemon, orange, fennel and seasoning. Lay sliced carrot, celery and onion in roasting tray. Top with wire rack to keep chicken above and pop in a hot oven for 30mins, turn down to moderate and baste frequently until crisp and coloured. Rest. Pour off most of fat, add diced […]